Aimée’s Diary

Aimée is a young teenager with a French father, a relative of one of Napoleon’s top lieutenants, and a Spanish mother.


We are introduced to Aimée by way of a woman, owner of an antique shop, visiting an Italian baron whose house is an authentic museum full of pieces of art. The Baron, somewhat eccentric, says that she is Aimée, reincarnated. He intends to present her with a vargueno cabinet at which Aimée wrote her story as well as her diary.


Her diary starts at the beginning of the Napoleonic invasion of Spain. Aimée’s father, aware of the situation, decides to send his little daughter to France with her sisters, residents in Paris, a much safer place. There he assigned an instructor for her: Alexandre, who asks for the hand of his young pupil. Her father, given the age difference between the two, thinks it prudent to distance pupil and tutor.


The diary reveals a new love in Aimée’s life, Carlo. Romance leads to marriage to Carlo, a Mason and Rosicrucian. Aware that his libertarian ideas would find difficult accommodation in the new order imposed by the Spanish King Ferdinand VII, they must flee across the ocean to the Caribbean Island called “La Española” meeting the black insurgency there and granting freedom to all the slaves of the estate acquired by them.


Alexandre awakened Aimée’s mind, uplifting her spirit. Carlo awakened her emotions. They both made her a free woman.The diary’s adventures relate the exciting life of a woman with very advanced ideas for the time in which she lived.The reader experiences great changes in the life of the protagonists today. As the Story repeats itself, lessons have been learned from yesterday.

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